Call for Urgent action for Gaza

BY: Eng. Mohammad Y. Hasna


Flagrantly violating of the International law and Geneva Conventions in regard to the protection of civilians, Israel is still escalating the raids and artillery shelling on Gaza Strip which have resulted in the martyrdom and injury of tens including women and children.

The current situation is unpredictable as we’re witnessing a case bigger than a war of attrition and less than an extended war, though the situation is escalating and it may extend to a big war like the previous Cast Lead. Accordingly, as individuals and institutions of the civil society and donors, all of us are invited to:


  • § Setting an urgent actual coordination among the institutions on a large scale. It’s preferable to set a high coordinating body and to work on organizing the priorities according to the needs and circumstances.
  • § The necessary of setting contingency plans to deal with the war conditions.
  • § Activating alternative means of communication to keep the contact between the institutions’ employees and the administration.
  • § Circulating the action plan of the institutions in emergency cases to all members and authorizing more than one person to implement tasks during the war.
  • § Setting reserved balances for crisis distributed over the areas, just in case, Gaza Strip areas are isolated from each other as what happened in the last war.
  • § Preparing a crisis management team to help people and victims.
  • § Preparing stores supplied with food and first aid to serve the needy people.
  • § Preparing people on how to deal with the crisis during the war.
  • § Employing media to reveal the horrific massacres committed by the occupation and calling the international society to meet its responsibilities.
  • § Activating the youth voluntary power for serving people and benefiting from their capabilities of addressing the other countries to emphasize the justness of our issue.

Translated into English by: Reda Al-Zahar


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