Don’t give up: my story on how we managed to rehabilitate poor houses in Gaza

Poverty Rate hits 60% in Gaza strip and the unemployment rate in Gaza during 2015 stood at 41% on average, the highest in the world

Youth unemployment exceeded 60% (PCBS): Unemployment in Gaza has been consistently high over the past two years, and the Strip is considered as having one of the highest joblessness rates in the world, as also confirmed by the World Bank.

More than 20,000 units need to be rebuilt due to the 2014 aggression on Gaza, and also there is need to build 70,000 new units to meet the demands of population increase in Gaza Strip.

In 2012 I saw many families live in miserable and bad healthy condition, so called “home” cannot protect them from cold during winter or heat during summer

Around 2400 families were livings in so called “home”, we began to appeal and we request help to sponsorship and cover this need


We faced lot of Obstacles

Huge needs and the absence of priorities

The lack of donation

The lack of media coverage for this issue

Many donors prefer to work on the relief sector and the projects with bigger numbers of beneficiaries

Local NGOS accept everything and never tried to change the interest of donors

We tried our best through the following

Highlight the problem in media even we produced a film about the poor houses and the need to  rehabilitate it.


We implemented social campaigns to introduce the problem to the society

image (1)

We contacted donors and tried to convince them about the importunacy of this issue

We talked in Televisions and newspaper about this issue


We achieved the following

We rehabilitated 400 units and built 20 units.

houses rehabilitation

Many international organizations funded poor houses rehabilitation projects through many NGOS

Many local NGOS finally spoke about this issue and doing great job to end it


Never give up, just do what you believe in and everything will comes and everyone will follow

Needs very huge but you have to concentrate on what will benefit people more

Donors can change their minds, but you have to convince them with evidences and   impacts.

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