Somalia… a slap in the face of our nation’s dignity

Somalia… a slap in the face of our nation’s dignity

by. Mr. Mohammed hasna

I used to live contently though the severe living circumstances. My daughters were my life, and my husband was my world. A civil war, without being involved in, destroyed my children’s dreams to live in peace. Drought and aridity killed what left of hopes to live a decent life with our rights of food and water guaranteed. My husband passed away leaving me helpless with seven children homeless. My seven daughters and I walked 300 km reaching my destination with only one daughter. I buried the others after they got killed by thirsty and hunger… I complain my woe to Allah      

She broke my heart and I wished the ground swallowed me while I was listening to her tragical story. I wished there was no boarders or limits to get to Somalia to kiss her foot hopefully she may forgive my dereliction of muslims issues in Somalia. It’s my responsibility before anyone else, so I apologize for her. We have nothing to support you but with praying, writing, and providing you with some money.

Victims still fall in Somalia complaining muslims who disappointed them and left them as a prey for disease and hunger while they enjoy pleasure and plenty of money.

Statistics state that 12 million people in Horn of Africa severely need to urgent food aids because of aridity. In addition, United Nations (UN) says that 64,000 children suffer from serious malnutrition in Somalia. UN declared about the famine five areas including the refugees’ camps in Mogadishu. The famine has killed more than 29,000 children younger than five years during only the passing ninety days according to the American statistics.     

The international institutions headed by the UN hurried to call Somalia as a famine area and it needs for urgent humanitarian aids. Also, the UN revealed cash amounts for aids where Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, claimed 1.8 million dollar to fund the relief processes in the Horn of Africa.

Those institutions headed by the UN pretended to forget that they play a role of Somalians’ suffering who can’t get more than 20% of the aids amount allocated by the national society, besides depleting money through funding the military forces existed in the sea and the Somalian ground for protecting the major countries interests from the hungry pirates.       

If those international institutions spent money on real needs and worked on fulfilling a true peace among the disputing parties in Somalia, the situation would be different quantitatively and qualitatively. United Nations invests such tragical situations to keep up the flowing money and salaries. In 2010, its budget on behalf of Somalia reached 850 million dollar alleging of feeding hungers. The year before, it reached 750 million dollar. If those amounts were really spent on the Somalians, they would enjoy a decent life, schools, universities, hospitals, roads, and transportation. But according to resources closed to those organizations, 80% of money is spent as administrative expenditure, 5% for local authorities, and only 15% for the hungry people in the form of corn and some medical stuff.

What puzzling is that the famine occurs in an area which is rich of the natural resources. For who doesn’t know, Somalia is about 8.1 million hectare of agricultural ground which fills 142 million people while the population is 8 million. It also has 6 million camels (the largest number in the whole world), 30 million sheep, 20 million cows, and its south is crossed by Jubba River.

Somalia has a strategic location in the Horn of Africa and the longest coast in Africa which is about 3300 Km on the Indian Ocean, entrance of the Red Sea, and Arabian Gulf. Thus, it’s considered the most crowded waterway in the world. It could produce 300,000 tons of fish and 20,000 tons of prawns. Because of anarchy, all of these resources are marauded where there are more than 700 illegal fishing vessels according to the UN. Moreover, the countries of European market consume what values 300 million euro from the Somalian coast in addition to the petrol and other metals. However, the Somalians are deprived from these natural treasures because of the internal conflicts and international interferences.        

It’s obvious the role of some hidden agendas that try to keep Somalia in need for support and fully engaged with its internal war which consequently requires a foreign intervention that nothing it can do but marauding Somalia. 

The United Nations including the World Food Programme is unreliable to work on solving the Somalian case. There’s a real need for the Arabic and Islamic world to wake up and handle the situations in Somalia. Here’s a point system as our peoples have got sick of the dishonest competition between the Arabic and Islamic institutions in the catastrophic areas. They only care about fame regardless any true achievement on the ground. Somalia needs for efforts union to make goals come true, otherwise Somalia’s suffer will continue in addition to our institutions’ failure in realizing fruitful cooperation among them.

How long will the Islamic youth be ignored from playing a role in solving the nation issues? Somalia calls for those who have a strong well to help and change for the best.

Our youth in the Gulf States can’t mostly keep caring about tourist and travelling. Our dignity is on the line, and Somalia is a slap in the face of it if we don’t help.

Our Arabic and Islamic societies! It’s your day to get solid. Your brothers die because of hunger while you enjoy the different types of food. Memorize, while you are sitting around the dining table, a woman who helplessly watches her son dying and an eagle waits to eat him. 

Responsibility of governments

Muslim governments! Those who die are your responsibility till The Day of Judgement. If you had cancelled some of your trips, hospitality, and conferences then you make actions talk louder than words, the nation would have supported you. Don’t repudiate the Somalian case, or wait for the change.

It’s a resounding slap in not only the face of the Islamic nation’s face, but also the humanitarian’s one which highly demands our efforts. These are massages we throw hopefully they draw some impact.

Our Arabic and Islamic institutions! The nation’s concerns in general and Somalia’s in particular need for actions rather than words. They are in deep need for a team who works for ultimate humanitarian goals. They need for those who plan to relief a grieved people. The way is full of challenges and responsibilities that should be taken for the Somalians. So, get united, cooperate, and complete each other.    

Our youth in the Arabic and Islamic world! You are the nation’s base who correct the past, support the present, and draw the future. Somalia is your duty that you would be asked about, so don’t derelict and show the world your acts.

Our Arabic and Islamic society! Don’t wait for anyone asking you to help your brothers in Somalia. Organize, arrange, gather, support, participate, and don’t leave your brothers in Somalia dying of hunger while you live comfortably.   

Our governments! Who have taken over us, Somalia is our deal. Launch your desire to help it and fill your planes with aids to finish the famine there.

Let Somalia be the headline of the joint work of the Islamic world countries where it’s adopted by governments, led by institutions, and soldiered by societies to build Somalia far from the famine.  

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