Representative “of the Islamic Conference in Gaza to “Quds Press”: an information bank to combine donors’ efforts must be created

Representative “of the Islamic Conference in Gaza to “Quds Press”: an information bank to combine donors’ efforts must be created

Gaza Strip need to apply the experience of Bangladesh “Bank of the Poor”


Gaza (Palestine) / Abdul-Ghani al-Shami / Quds Press International News Agency
The Organization of the Islamic Conference called to create an information bank in the Gaza Strip to combine the donors efforts, don’t distract their efforts, and determine the needs of the besieged Palestinian people, and calling for donors to adopt the long-term developmental support, with little relief support despite its importance.

Mohamed Hasna, the director of Gaza  Coordination office followed to The Organization of the Islamic Conference  said the conflicting in data and information is the most common problem that we face through our work in Gaza Strip, which lead to money wasting, and dispersal of the efforts, and we call to establish an information bank for combining  the donors efforts, where we have the idea, and been marketing it in several Arab and Muslim countries in order to finance it and start in  establishing the bank.

Hasna assure during the interview with ” Quds Press ” agency, that they are in Gaza Office for Humanitarian Affairs followed to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, focusing on the development side in any project, and that come after studying the local market and preparing a feasibility study for its success,  community the experience based organizations tend to clone the others experiment instead of leadership

Hasna said: “it is not necessary that the project which succeeds in the north, is possible to succeed in the south, because of the variation of  the environment and the factors, so we consider that each region has it’s geographical privacy thus there is need to study all dimensions before implementing any project, to ensure its success and continuity.

Break the Siege Environment

Hasna ensured that since opening the Office of Humanitarian Affairs followed to the Organization of the Islamic Conference in Gaza in 2008, adapted to the siege, and carried out successful projects which broke the siege, according to his appreciation, noting that they donated 50 million dollars to Gaza Strip, including $ 30 million through projects, and 20 million dollars through the convoys which broke the siege sent by the Organization to the strip.
He explained that they have 30 moving medical clin0ic, existing in Port Said in Egypt, he expected the clinic will enter within one week  after completing its procedures.
The Organization of the Islamic Conference official said  that we are not existed for an reaction, because the relief phase is over, and we are supposed to have  a development tend, and work on the rehabilitation of Palestinian society, so we are trying to help it, through a plan which has been set with budget  of $ 130 million including several sectors of health, education, women and children, in condition to be a sustainable development support, and we tried to work on development ideas, which  have been marketed,  and we succeeded in making fund raising for some projects including the Hospital Eye Specialist related to the Public Service hospital, and now have prepared the Eye Bank with funding from the Aqsa Association at Al Yemen and we are going to provide it with a special device does not exist in Gaza. “

He added: “The main problem we face is to convince some donors in project because donors tend to direct impact, but we are interested in type of the project and the  long term impact, and there are some institutions began to be convinced about our point view of development projects.”
Hasna  called donor to start from the needs of Palestinian society, according to it’s priorities, asking the local institutions to set the national agenda and discourse and convincing donors to apply what could take out the problem from it’s  roots, not giving it painkillers, and keeping a development policy, with keeping a margin of relief projects.
The role of the Organization of The Islamic Conference
And for role of Gaza Coordination Office  for Humanitarian Affairs followed to the Organization of Islamic Conference in the strip, Hasna insisted on the idea that the office play a guiding, coordinating ,consulting, and supervising role, as it communicates with donors and inform them about the most important needs of the Gaza Strip, and then if there is financing then start searching for the execution parties, also have a role of control, to support and enhance local institutions, ensuring that  they are not planning to replace themselves instead of the local institutions.
He said: “the Office of the Organization of Islamic Conference in Gaza, represent the  Department of Humanitarian Affairs, and aims to combine and coordinate humanitarian efforts directed for the benefit of the Gaza citizens, in order to prevent duplication of benefit, and achieve greater social benefit of the Palestinian society, and rehabilitate Palestinian civil society, and contribute in improving the living situation for the citizens.

He pointed out that the Office issue a monthly report detailing the humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip, focusing on the important issues that  take in consideration the needs of Palestinian society, and help the donors to take attention of the issues that are not focus well, and monitor as well as Israeli violations, border crossings fluctuation, cargo, and passengers, noting that this report is a reference for donors, as well as for legal entities to follow up legal violations

“Bank of the Poor”

Hasna called to apply the theory of Dr. Muhammad Yunus, an economist in Bangladesh, about the “bank of the poor,” mentioned  that they tried to market the idea by communicating with the donors, which the idea about  giving good loans for the poor (without interest), noting that the project began in Bangladesh, with twenty seven US dollars, and now reached $ 2.5 billion, pointing out that the idea of ​​”Bank of the Poor” has grown up and succeeded because it started from a social philosophy before to launch out from an economic philosophy, an experience has built on liberating the poor people from the crippling bank conditions, which provide it’s services for the rich ones and don’t take in consideration the poor ones.

He pointed out that this bank, which was launched out  more than 35 years, provided loans over $ 2.5 billion, has changed the lives of millions people, and liberated reservoirs of creativity in poor people, who are exhausted by hunger and poverty.
He said: “Gaza is still not inspired by the idea, and the economics professors did not succeed in applying  what they learn and studied theoretical and in practical, and remained locked in their ideas and theses papers did not exceed the limits of their desk drawers.”

He added: “Gaza must be the first to be inspired by the experience of the Bank of the Poor, we already know that the factors of success are widely available, as the Palestinian economy is fertilize ground for the small enterprise sector to be established, but needs a suitable environment, as well as creating mechanisms for targeting social groups towards the poor and the middle level of the society.”

Case Study

Hasna Considered that the “Bank of the Poor,” presented a model and a practical solution to the problem of poverty, calling for studying the experience and search for success factors and then apply, insisting on the importance of changing the social  culture of community which  still raising the slogan of relief and subsidies, and moving hardly and tripped toward the development, said: “We have to convince that, despite the circumstances, we can achieve real economic and social development. “

He added: “We have to start with the conviction and then raise funds from potential donors, and then training a professional teamwork capable of leading the helm and guide the institution to beach safety, it is ok to start on the stages of where to test the success of the experiment through the adoption of a number of projects in various fields, and hopefully can achieve positive and quick results to be motivated to develop the idea and increase investment in it. “

He continued: “if an institution decided to start implementing, do not forget that the most two important pillars launched the idea of” bank of the poor “are the trust between the borrower and the Bank, and his liberation from impossible conditions, and that the Bank’s mission is humanitarian, social and it’s primary objective is to get rid of poverty before being an economic message, and we have to combine the business for money, and business for others to promote the vision of a social side contributing the betterment of the poor. “

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